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South Africa Wildlife Safari

Of the many ways to describe South Africa, one phrase, like the nation’s favourite lager, has stood the test of time: a world in one country.

Five times the size of Great Britain, South Africa has a rich territorial diversity that spans the range from snowy peaks to semi-arid desert.

KwaZulu Natal, on the north-eastern coast has a sub-tropical climate with balmy summers and mild winters; the Western Cape has a Mediterranean climate akin to Sydney’s: dry, hot summers with long days of sunshine and wet winters with howling gales.

The Drakensburg Mountain Range is an enormous raggedy spine that slopes down to the interior’s vast highveld plateau: cold winters, hot summers and spectacular thundershowers.

The north-western region marks the transformation into the semi-arid Kalahari Desert and the north-eastern region is an enormous expanse of low-lying bushveld and home to the country’s famous game reserves.

With this climatic and geographical diversity comes an amazing array of plants, birds and animals. This rich natural heritage is well-preserved by the country’s advanced conservation practices and easily reached by the country’s advanced transport network.

In addition to the plentiful wildlife, birdlife, whale watching and extreme landscapes South Africa has a stable economy, a modern democracy and a fascinating mix of European and African cultures.

So it’s true that South Africa is a world in one country and we’re here to help you explore this wonderful country.
Some of South Africa’s wildlife safari list-toppers:
  • The world's richest floral kingdom: The Cape Floral Kingdom
  • The fastest mammal on earth: Cheetah
  • The heaviest flying bird: Kori Bustard
  • The world's largest bird: Ostrich
  • The world's largest land mammal: Elephant
  • The world's 2nd largest land mammal: White Rhino
  • The world's tallest creature: Giraffe
  • The world's 2nd smallest mammal: Dwarf Shrew
  • The largest reptile in the world: Leatherback Turtle
Some of South Africa’s highlights:
• Kruger National Park and many other wildlife reserves
• Cape Town and the Cape Peninsula
• Cape Winelands
• Drakensberg Mountains
• Beautiful beaches along 2,500km of coastline
• Garden Route and whale watching
Table Mountain from across the bay
The Great White Shark
Steam train